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    Windy Hill submits article 33 (non-determination) appeal to planning appeals commission (PAC)

  • 01

    End of first year wind measurements

    The first year of Windyfields wind measurements in Northern Ireland resulted in wind speeds greater than 8.5m/s in Lisnaharney and 9.5m/s in Windy Hill.

  • 09

    Lisneharney Submits Article 33 (non-determination) appeal to planning appeals commissions (PAC)

  • 01

    Windy Hill Planning Application submitted

  • 27


    A multi-million pound renewable energy project planned for the Limavady area could bring £20 million of investment for the local economy.

    ARC NI 1 Ltd part of the Windyfields Group has submitted a planning application for 21 wind turbines of 3.3 MW output each on the Windy Hill Road outside Limavady marking the company"s second planned wind farm in Northern Ireland. The total cost of construction of the project is expected to be in the region of £70 million, of which Northern Ireland could receive approximately £20 million.

    Commenting on the announcement the company"s General Manager Gavin Forkan said:

    An investment of this scale would provide a much needed boost for the local construction sector as well as the Limavady and greater North Coast area which has been badly hit by the economic downturn. Windyfields is committed to investing in and supporting the local economy to ensure economic benefits of these types of projects are felt locally. We have been working closely with the families of local landowners involved and are greatly encouraged by their support and commitment to this project which should benefit many people across the area.

    A Socio-Economic Report undertaken for the project found that the proposed wind farm would help stimulate the local economy. Outlining the key findings of the report, Neil McCullough of Oxford Economics said:

    Limavady has the fourth highest level of unemployment across Northern Ireland"s 26 Council areas and the local economy is forecast to experience a very ‘jobless’ recovery going forward with no notable job creation until 2022.

    It is estimated that the construction phase alone could deliver approximately £11.8 million in wages and approximately 540 job years of direct, indirect and induced employment. The ensuing operation of the development could create or sustain jobs and the project would also generate significant land and property rates for the local Council and Government and reduce the cost of unemployment in the area. Furthermore, our analysis suggests that this development could bring significant wider social and economic benefits to the area.

    Highlighting the environmental benefits, Gavin added:

    The wind resource in Northern Ireland is among the best in Europe and it is estimated that approximately 182,000 MWhr of wind energy would be produced each year at the Windy Hill site. This could be enough electricity each year to meet the needs of approximately 42,000 homes (using Ofgem figures) and 55,000 homes (using DECC figures) and could reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 78,000 tonnes each year when operating. This project could bring substantial economic and environmental advantages to the greater Limavady and North Coast area.

    Media Enquiries:

    Ross Williamson, Weber Shandwick
    Tel: 02890347303
    Mob: 07590227961 / 07734821070

    Notes to Editors:

    The Windyfields Group is a renewable energy company that was originally established in 2009 to focus on developing onshore wind power opportunities. With offices in London, Belfast, Poznan, Sofia, Belgrade and Nicosia, Windyfields has extensive experience and a portfolio approaching 1000 MW in its development pipeline.
    Earlier this year the company submitted and planning application for a 42 MW project near Omagh, Co. Tyrone
    The company has also recently installed an 80m wind measurement mast at both of its Omagh and Limavady sites.

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    Windyfields opens office in Belgrade, Serbia

    Serbia is the most recent addition to our portfolio.

    We have opened a local subsidiary, Windyfields d.o.o. Our focus will be on the long term prospects rather than overnight success.

    Currently, there are no operating wind farms in the country, and the biggest obstacle is planning. The Government’s unfamiliarity with wind farm development and problems in setting up a proper regulatory system have held back progress.

    Attempts by other developers to find viable sites and turn them into projects have been stymied by underestimating the cash requirements.
    Over time, we hope to succeed through a more systematic and professional approach.

  • 15

    Lisnaharney Planning Application Submitted

  • 14

    Funding Opportunity – Windy Fields Holdings

    Windyfields Holdings is currently accepting new equity investments from institutions and high net worth individuals.  Funds will be used to take the first four projects to a fully consented state in 2013!  

  • 27

    Second wind measurement mast constructed in Poland

    A second 100m wind measurement mast began operation on the Gamma Project site in Northwest Poland.

  • 20

    First wind measurement mast began in Poland

    Windyfields Holdings first 100 meter wind measurement mast was installed on 20 April 2011 on the site of the Alpha Project in Western Poland.

  • 02

    RenewableUK conference in Glasgow

    Jeff Potter CEO of Windyfields Holdings and Gavin Forkan GM Northern Ireland to attend Windyfields Holdings conference in Glasgow from 2nd to 4th November.

  • 05

    Gavin Forkan gives lecture at Queens University Belfast

    Gavin Forkan, Windyfields Holdings General Manager for Northern Ireland will give a lecture as part of the Queens University Belfast Civil Engineering course on the subject of "Delivering Renewables".

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    REI recieves approval of the Land Development Plan

    Windyfields Int. Limited (“Windyfields Holdings”) today announced that it had received approval of the Land Development Plan (LDP) for its Alpha wind project in Northwest Poland.  This clears the way for a Change of Use permit in Q3 2011 and the final building permit in the third quarter of 2012 on the 60 MW project.  This is the second project in Windyfields Holdings’s portfolio to receive its LDP, as the 55 MW Beta project had already received its LDP in 2009.  Beta Project is expected to receive a building permit in Q4 2012.

    “The receipt of our second Polish Land Development Plan approval marks a significant step in the progress of Windyfields Holdings towards becoming a major European wind developer,”

    commented Windyfields Holdings Board member Leonard Seelig, a private investor and previously Head of European banking for a large US bank.

  • 20

    Gavin Forkan speaks at an Action Renewables seminar

    Gavin Forkan, Windyfields Holdings General Manager for Northern Ireland is to speak on "The Business Case for Renewables" at an Action Renewables seminar on 16th September 2010 at Whitehead Golf Club, Co Antrim.

  • 07

    REI joined RenewableUK

    Windyfields Holdings joined Windyfields Holdings (formerly the British Wind Energy Association) and is participating in the Northern Ireland Renewable Industry Group.