Windyfields Holdings was founded in 2009 to focus on concrete solutions to the very real threat of climate change, in particular, the human-induced causes of Global Warming.
Our mission is to realize renewable energy projects that can eventually replace power plants producing electricity by burning fossil fuels.  Windyfields Holdings is an investment vehicle for like-minded individuals who are also interested in combating global warming now through cleantech investments.

Strategy: In order to accomplish our mission we have devised a strategy that will focus on very concrete and visible steps to construct and develop a portfolio of renewable energy assets. Initially, wind energy projects were chosen as the preferred technology, but solar and other renewable energy sources will also be assessed.

In terms of geographic distribution, our priority is on EU countries with a high reliance on fossil fuels while at the same time offering high wind regimes and above average tariffs. Northern Ireland and Poland fulfill these two criteria, and hence, we began our project development activities in these two locales.

At the same time, our investors expect us to achieve higher than average returns over a period of 3 – 5 years through value creation along the project development chain.

Operational Aspects: We develop onshore wind power opportunities by acquiring Greenfield and early development sites, and then guiding these projects through the various development steps, culminating in the issuance of a building permit or planning permission.

We have assembled a very strong team with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector.  Given the competitive nature and complexity of the onshore wind market, the development team is the key to success in this sector. Not only is it vital to fully understand the current local and national regulatory regimes, but one must also understand the complexities of the electrical grid and environmental analyses. The teams are required to manage and co-ordinate complex projects whose activities include soil testing, bird studies, wind measurements and local permitting hurdles. Most importantly, management must be able to cultivate relationships along each step in the process – with specialist advisors, local council officials, land owners and local utility staff members. This requires individuals with a combination of entrepreneurial flair, patience and technical know-how. Windyfields Holdings has assembled just such a team in those countries where it maintains a presence.